Monday, May 26, 2008

McDizzle? F'shizzle!

Hastings, Nebraska. Not just the birthplace of Kool-Aid, now the home of the McDizzle. Double Cheeseburger with a chicken patty slipped in the middle. I had a bite, quite tasty. Dare you to try to order one. I've also heard a chicken patty tucked into a Big Mac is pretty special, but I haven't tried that. I would not recommend ordering anything so special during a rush. You're more likely to get cooperation if you're there later at night, when the younger, more adventurous McDonald's employees are on duty. Let me know if you try a McDizzle. Maybe this is a trend that will sweep the nation, something like Kool-Aid.


Anonymous said...

Sorry to burst your bubble but Hastings is not the birthplace of Koolaid, Hendley NE is. Maybe if the McDizzle takes off, they'll give Koolaid back to Hendley! How did you come upon this new and exciting sandwich anyways?

Kristin said...

So why does Hastings get to claim Kool Aid? Where is Hendley? So much I don't know.

Kelsey's friend Brandon introduced her friend Cole to the McDizzle when they were visiting there. Cole talked someone in Lincoln into making him one. Too funny.

KT~Molarartist said...

According to and the stuff was created in Hastings, Nebraska.

The Perkins family moved to Hendley, NE, in 1900. Edwin and his wife moved from Hendley to Hastings in 1920. Perkins marketed the drink mix in 1927. (Hendley is about 80 miles west of Hastings, by Beaver City.)

I haven't drank the stuff in years. Black cherry or lime were my favorites.

Will Ferguson said...

If anyone is wondering who came up with the Mcdizzle, it was 4 guys and myself and we liked to drink and go to mcdonalds at night when we were in college several years ago. One of us always got a mcchicken and a double cheese burger. One night we wondered what it would be like if you just made the two sandwiches into one. The name McDizzle came from being intoxicated and pretending to act gangster even though we were a bunch of red necks and the rest is history.

Anonymous said...

I disagree with you Will. I live in Hastings, and happen to know who actually began that sandwich. I order them all the time. Also managed to pick one up in Denver once. The manager asked me if I was from Hastings. Then she began to tell me about how the Nebraska manager's introduced it at a convention.

Anonymous said...

Dear Will Ferguson,

You are not the inventor. I personally have been doing this since 2004 at least, maybe earlier. I do not claim to be the inventor. It's like inventing ice water by cooling off water with ice. The dollar menu at McD's at the time made it an inevitable practice and any google search for McDizzle, McChurger, or McGangbang will prove that an amazing number of like minded people did the exact same thing at various times over the last decade. Sorry to burst your bubble, but credit is not due.